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Jensen threw his head back and laughed at the matzah monster story it was disgusting. Heart eyes all over the place it was truly horrendous.

Ask me about Jensen and Misha’s faces during the nerd HQ panel for certain questions before i forget

Jensen looked at Misha and his eyes went all glittery when Misha as a master was mentioned. Like okay babe.

Season 10 Press Masterpost


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Jared says that at the beginning of the show Sam wanted to be a homebody and Dean was the wanderer. The difference between Sam at his core and Dean at his core drove the show at the beginning and kind of echoes during the current seasons. Dean has more relationships outside of Sam than Sam has of Dean. So Dean meets and connects with more people as he wanders the road.




jensen has been fairly stoic all panel. misha makes a dumb joke. jensen loses it. no one is surprised.

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