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when you’re reading a biography, and it’s talking about where this woman is going to college, and how it’s all scandalous because she’s a catholic at a protestant college, and at the top of the next page you see the word “decapitated” and “bloody torso”


Sometimes while watching Cas do the most mundane things - read a book, pour a glass of milk, tie his shoes - Dean is struck by a sudden, unendurable desire to kiss him.  It wells up from his toes and tickles his belly, it constricts his lungs like a breath of cold mountain air first thing in the morning and licks at the base of his skull until he feels it like pinpricks all over his body.  It curls through him until he can’t stand it for another second, then it propels him forward until his lips are pressed to Castiel’s.  

Until their noses are smushed together and Cas is squeaking a mix of surprise and indignation and Dean is re-memorizing the way their lips fit so perfectly against one another’s.  A quick kiss later, maybe two, and the feeling subsides, replaced by one of smug satisfaction as Dean withdraws and lets Cas go back to reading his book or pouring his milk or tying his shoes.  He’d probably feel bad for interrupting in the first place if he somehow missed the slightly-confused-but-definitely-pleased smile that always tugs at the corners of Castiel’s lips in the wake of his impromptu kisses.


Jensen said in his Meet and Greet at Dallascon that Misha didn’t pick the daisy duke hotpants and the muscle shirt for Jensen for the mockumentary.
Jensen grabbed the shirt from the wardrobe trailer and he had those pants still in his drawer from a daisy duke day on set a while ago, where all the crew guys wore them.



Jensen trying different techniques to stop laughing - and failing.

reblogging this because of reasons.

because this is Jensen’s face when Misha comes in:


all srs bsns Jen, yeah right!

and just look at him a few moments later:


because this:


is almost identical to this:



Stop it. 


Stop it. 


Anonymous asked: hey is it possible you can tell the story of how it led up to the proposing thing because I would really love to know how they took it and what it was for you and everyone else please >_<


Honestly, there wasn’t much to it. I came up with the idea while eating lunch, I fought with myself the whole time I was standing in line as to whether I wanted to risk it, and decided on a simple backup pose so I could recover quickly if they said no.

My turn came up, I held out the ring and explained very quickly to Jensen what my idea was, and he gave the ring a funny look (it’s not a normal ring, so that’s not a surprise) but otherwise neither said a word to express reluctance. Got behind them, did the photo, and just had time to say a very quick thank you to them and take the ring back before I had to get out of the way, because those things move FAST. I didn’t even know what Jensen had been doing exactly until I saw the photo hours later, since I posed looking at Misha. I was such a basket case of nerves that I didn’t even look at the line when I left the room, though I did hear people laugh during the picture.

Evidently my sister joked with Jensen later at the autograph sessions and was all “Did he say yes?!” and Jensen’s words were reportedly “No, he turned me down, that asshole!” in a joking manner. So, he didn’t seem bothered by it, I hope? XD

Anonymous asked: Imagine Jensen refusing to let Misha take teen!West clothes shopping without him tagging along. "Mish, you just sit there. Westie, come and look at these nice leather jackets. DON'T TOUCH THAT PURPLE POLKADOT MONSTROSITY ISWEARTOGODYOUTWOHAVENOFASHIONSENSE!"

.@JensenAckles consults w @jarpad or someone every time he tweets #dallascon



imagine jensen seeing those crotch hugging neon green shorts misha wore in that video where he fake played the guitar? he’d be so confused “they’re hideous but i can see your dick thru them..”

like, jensen would try so hard to be an impartial fashion authority for misha, but lbr, he just wants him in the tightest clothes possible, and it doesn’t really matter what they look like as long as he can adequately see misha’s ass

#lol misha pouting on the bed in his undies and his socks #and jensen is picking through his clothes #”what is— WHAT IS THIS SHIRT?! ugh!! *tosses it aside*” #”is this a shirt with a bunch of flamingos on it..? why would you even buy this?!?!” #”omg will you get rid of this shirt with the gorilla on it omg yknow what that’s it let’s just get something of mine for you to wear”


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