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SDCC14- Supernatural Panel
If your characters had dating profiles what would they say?

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Kitty cat napses

Kitty cat napses

http://silkspectred.tumblr.com/post/93240977325/satincas-okay-but-i-really-like-the-idea-of ↘


okay but I really like the idea of dean being super desperate for the touch of a man

like, dean getting so worked up because he’s spent so long trying to hide that side of himself and then feeling like he’s getting more gay every day because the more he thinks about sex, the less…


Supernatural season 9 gag reel

I think that Season 10 has the potential of being a very emotionally impactful season and I think that the show is really getting to its roots of being very character-driven and about personal character struggles. I’m excited about that.



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can I really say I went to comic con if rob and richard weren’t there tho


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