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Is there any d/c fic yet about Cas learning to use his camera phone?

At first, it’s just sort of amusing, the pictures Cas takes. Of course, with everyone one that appears on his phone, Dean does get a bigger twinge of melancholy, of missing him, but then he smiles at the earnestness of Cas’ fascination with the world, and all is well for just a little while longer.

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Is there any d/c fic yet about Cas learning to use his camera phone?

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Ron Hicks - Café Kiss


Ron Hicks - Café Kiss




One of the most remarkable parts about this scene for me is that Dean had already been talking on the phone. This wasn’t the first time that Dean had spoken in this conversation. But it was the first time that Dean spoke and sounded more like himself…the first time he spoke and it wasn’t all business. 

Cas made the remark about the honor bar and Dean couldn’t help but respond with his snarky “everything” and then Cas smiles like… “Oh there you are, that’s my Dean…that’s the Dean that I fell in love with.” And you can see that love written on his face…see that love written in his sweet smile.

They’ve already been talking to each other but Cas chooses now to ask Dean how he is. Dean, never one to be honest about how he’s actually doing, replies with his standard answer of “okay” or “fine” or “I’m alright” but you can see on his face that he’s not okay. He’s tired. He’s worn out. He’s fighting battles inside and out. 

How long has it been since we last saw Dean truly smile? And yet when he asks Cas how he’s doing and Cas responds and is being all Cas-like, we see this small but beautifully real smile from Dean. 

These two weary warriors that are battling heaven and hell and their own inner demons, that are tired and down-trodden, and yet they can still smile like this because of each other. And if that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. 

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must rewatch asap I mean

that was far shipper than expected and yes it looks like the Mark will cause Dean and Cas conflict but they’re working hard to show us how strong and caring their relationship is anyway and THAT tells me that their relationship is so important, to the show, to the storyline I just

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I’m upset that cas didn’t go back to the bunker.

I’m upset that cas is basically doing what metatron told him to do.


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