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Imagine jensen’s slick wet face and messed up hair and shiny red lips and blissed out expression after he goes down on danneel tho


Anonymous asked: I initially though Jensen would be more of a dorky dad, get off my lawn kinda tweeter, but now I'm leaning more towards upper middle class soccer mom i.e. "Why doesn't lululemon make a more manly yoga pant? # wholefoodsrun # brunch"




@jarpad Why don’t you just fly private?


Happy Birthday Eugenia!!! (ノ◕ω◕)ノ~*:・゚✧*:・゚✧♥

*shows up late with moderately okay cockles set*

I kinda gave up somewhere there, especially with thinking up what Misha might say. But honestly it’s not that important, Jen’ll always find it funny :D

Happy birthday! Sorry I’m little late and I hope you like it! ^^

I was supposed to post this yesterday but then I forgot it to my drafts i’m sorry ^^”

http://poorbeautifuldean.tumblr.com/post/95739869018/onamelancholyhill-well-people-i-have-this ↘


Well, people, I have this friend of mine that was in the private M&G with Jensen Ackles in VanCon this last weekend. She told me some stuff about it and authorized me to tell you something that made her smile.

Since I know things in fandom are difficult these days, I…

Mindfuck— April’s first episode on Gilmore girls aired during season one of supernatural nine years ago

Anonymous asked: oh gosh i'm actually sort of nervous now that jensen has a twitter. like, he's my favorite ever but my opinion of jared dropped significantly after he got a twitter. i'm just hoping that jensen is gonna be smart about it...i guess danneels there to help. and misha.

The thing is, Jensen will never post about personal stuff to the level of Jared because because not only is he private as fuck, but he knows about image (to the point of obviously having anxiety about it), and he’s gonna be about as tactful and careful as possible. And on the off chance that Jensen ever were to post personal stuff on the level of Jared, the worst that would happen is he’d come off as rich and stuffy.

It’d be like

"Cucumber water made with Evian is 10x better than cucumber water made with Fiji water. Yeah I said it."

"Haven’t had a pedicure in a week, and my toes are looking like fresh hell :O"

"Hugo Boss is so rightly named."

"Misha is wearing a mystery sweater from Goodwill again, and it smells funny. His closet scares me."

"@jarpad Why don’t you just fly private?"

But yeah either way, I’m sure moofy will help if he asks i mean wait what

Jensen sexting Misha like “I’m going to fuck you up against the wall when I see you, Mish. I can’t wait to make you come all over my hand.”

Misha texting back like “fuck yea gonna fuck me good j?? ;)”

And Jensen being like “Your typing frustrates me, and I can’t communicate like this. I will see you tonight. I love you.”

And Misha being like /dick pic/

And jensen just texting back “Thank you.”

So Jensen probably texts with 100% proper capitalization, spelling and grammar.

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