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Misha trying his hardest to speak Russian. [x]



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Endure4Kindness is only a few days away! Need a little #E4K inspiration? Check out this year’s training coach, Sergei Sergeiovich’s videos, then drop by our Crowdrise page to support an E4K-er or to sign up yourself.

And don’t forget to tag your #E4K posts and pics with #theRandomAct and #E4K this weekend. You never know who might be featured on our blog.

P.S. Wondering how Sergei is planning to endure4kindness? Check out his Crowdrise page. He’ll be teaming up with Master Chau and our dauntless Director Cinde Monsam.






Misha and a doggy pal do some tricks for the crowd

We’ve done a lot of different things over the years. We took tap dancing together. Ice dancing….figure skating. And, uhh, we used to knit together. But, these days, we don’t seem to be doing a lot more than just trying to put the kids to sleep. That’s our hobby now.

Misha at Comic Con Russia 2014 (x)

Q: (paraphrased) Do you and Vicki have any hobbies that you do together?

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Misha in Russia. [x][x]

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