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@mishacollins:My daughter is 1&1/2. She only says three words clearly: “mama,” “dadda,” & “Россия.” (She’s also anti-war.)


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Misha talking about Jensen

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Misha’s first days on twitter

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Misha’s long-time friend Darius tells a story and mentions something else [x]


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Anonymous asked: Do you know of a link to Misha in the thrilling adventure hour? That sounds hilaribad


No I don’t! 
Video was strictly discouraged, as part of the fun of the thrilling adventure hour is SURPRISE GUESTS (even though we all knew Misha would be there shhhhhh) and the live experience.

Here is what I remember though

Misha played a robot evangelist on Mars who had gone to prison for mass murder of some sort, got a bad torrent and downloaded the holy ghost (or maybe just the bible or something idk), and was now running a revival tent in the boonies on Mars

but something in his programming was just evil, no matter how the holy ghost virus tried to change him from the inside out, he just had something evil deep inside and was pretty torn up about it

and his enemy was a plunky ginger lady sheriff.

so picture this, anon:

Misha trying to use a voice that is a robot mixed with a southern televangelist.

Misha trying to use a voice that is a robot mixed with a southern televangelist while preaching about prison, God, aliens, and bad downloads

arguing with a plucky ginger lady sheriff.

At one point, he straight up overgestured and threw the script into the audience and either Ben Blacker or Ben Acker (I don’t remember which one) literally had to run onto the stage and collect the script from the audience because copyright stuff

then in the final musical number, Misha didn’t know any of the lyrics so clapped along super shitty and off-beat and tried to like, lip sync nothing (watermelon bubblegum watermelon bubblegum) along and just looked so awkward and out of place 

then he threw the script into the audience on purpose.

In spite of what everyone seems to think, I don’t spend a lot of time trolling online, but people email me things or I occasionally click through on something in the Twitter feed, and I see a tremendous amount of creative energy. Fan conventions are rife with spectacular fan art. It was astonishing to me how talented and hard-working people were. It is stunning how much money, time and creative energy go into being a fan.

— Misha Collins (fangirling over fans), Fan Phenomena: Supernatural (via lafleurfersure)

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