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beyondtheduckpond asked: Re: your talk about writers and their influence on spn. If you notice at the beginning of every ep, many of those we know as writer like Adam Glass and Russ and Buck-Lemming (sp) are also (executive) producers on the show, so they do have a big say - for better or worse :/


Here’s the Supernatural food chain:

Executive Producers:

  • Jeremy Carver (Show Runner)
  • Bob Singer (Show Runner)
  • Adam Glass
  • Phil Sgriccia
  • McG

Co-Executive Producers:

  • Nicole Snyder
  • Eric Charmelo
  • Andrew Dabb
  • Jim Michaels


  • Jerry Wanek
  • Serge Ladouceur


  • Robbie Thompson
  • Todd Aronauer

Consulting Producers:

  • Brad Buckner
  • Eugenie Ross-Leming

Out of the writers, Jeremy, Adam, and duo Nicole/Eric have the most say.  The only ones without a producer credit are Jenny Klein and probie Robert Berens, meaning they have the least say.  Everyone else falls in between.  I have no idea how Carver pushes this dynamic though.  I’ve been in working environments in which management will sometimes yield to someone with a lower title and more experience, someone with a specific skill set for a certain problem.  Tough to say what happens behind those doors.  At the end though, most of everything we see falls on Carver.  He calls the shots.

And furthermore, SPN most watched episode since 2010!


  • Last night’s Supernatural was the series’ most watched episode (2.7M) in more than three years (10/15/10).    
  • Week to week, Supernatural was up 22% in total viewers and up 10% in both W18-34 (1.1/3) and in A18-49 (1.1/3), and flat in A18-34 (0.9/3).    
  • Supernatural outrated original episodes of ABC’s comedies in the 9pm hour in A18-34, A18-49, and W18-34.


When NPR writes about our crazy, you know it's legit ↘





The Few, The Fervent: Fans Of ‘Supernatural’ Redefine TV Success http://n.pr/1dKf3BA

Okay, yes, great, yay we’re on NPR! It’s always nice to hear about how SPN fandom is actually the little engine that could, when it so often seems like an omnipresent…

Agreed 100%.

I heard the report on NPR when I was driving home from work yesterday (such a weird moment…). Traffic was really slow, so I was making faces at what they were saying on the radio and trying to understand why these kinds of things always make me so uncomfortable.

There’s the whole othering of fans that seems generally endemic to academic studies of fans and fan culture. They always qualify these “fans” as mostly women, young, internet fluent, etc etc, all of these weasel words to imply but not say that these people are so different from you, average NPR listener. Why do they ALWAYS do this? Why have I never heard or read a decent article about fanfiction and fandom in general that gives some legitimacy to how massively popular and positive it is as a hobby? It’s not uncommon to find fic with hundreds of thousands of views. Lots of young adult writers now openly admit that writing fic at a younger age prepared them for writing original works later. I freely admit that if I hadn’t read so much fic when I was younger, I would not be an irreputable rake a pretty decent screenwriter.

I did like that the NPR thing went briefly into Nielsen ratings, and how difficult it is to quantify fan appreciation for a show. Someone who writes fic is probably more enthusiastic about the show and participating in it than someone who just reblogs a promotional photo from the show.

Still waiting on a decent article/book by a fan academic who doesn’t act like an idiot, talk about fandom like it’s an alien civilization, or giggle on-air.

Soooo glad you added this. Exactly the media (and academic) attitude that’s problematic, and exactly why and how it should and can change. On that note, here’s a very short list of fan-positive researchers and writers:

  • Fan Cultures, by Matt Hills. More of an exploration of how studies of fandom have been approached and how fan studies does/can operate than a book about individual fan cultures, but said to be one of the best books in the field, and definitely written by a member of fan culture instead of an observer of it.
  • Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World, edited by Anne Jamison. A collection of essays by novelists, attorneys, actors, and even fic writers themselves, covering the history of fanfic and its cultural importance. (Haven’t read it—don’t even own it—yet, but am dying to, and so far have only heard positive things.)
  • Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Cultures, by Henry Jenkins. Seminole work on fandom by the leading scholar in the field of fan studies. Jenkins might be an aca-fan, but he’s an excellent thinker and is excited about the power and possibilities of fandom.
  • He’s Best When He’s Bound and Gagged: Deleting Female Desire in “Season 7: It’s Time for a Wedding!” by Katharine Torrey. Some of the best, most compelling and specific fan culture research is being done by folks who are still in grad programs and have yet to hit the big time with formal publication. I heard Ms. Torrey give this presentation at an academic conference two years ago and was blown away. It is, hands down and bar none, the best critical look at Supernatural's own interpretation of fans via Becky Rosen I've ever encountered. (Warning for possibly triggery consent issues re: Sam, rampant feminism, and perhaps displeasing [but imo empowering] conclusions.)

hey remember how misha was just talking about how spn is written from all these different perspectives

yknow how last week cas was raped and then got verbal highfives for getting some

and this week we got a femme icon turned into a hunter, a high heel turned into a defensive weapon, dean being a geeky domestic, and an adopted little sister gaining her autonomy and going on her own adventure wow yAH <3


Dean Winchester and Castiel are not bisexual characters according to a script supervisor/editor. The first person to actually come out an say it.
There you go. The series is not going through with Destiel.
Not now and no later. [x]


Dean Winchester and Castiel are not bisexual characters according to a script supervisor/editor. The first person to actually come out an say it.

There you go. The series is not going through with Destiel.

Not now and no later. [x]

hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies: Who loves ya, baby? Musical choices and the Destiel of 9.1 ↘


Okay, we all know that the music choices on this show are selected to comment on what’s going on thematically. And generally, since season 6, the musical choice that opens the season premiere gives us a look at the over-arching theme of the whole season, specifically as…


Supernatural Seasons 1-8


Supernatural, Season 9



Okay yea this is pretty amazing.

Holy fuck this is like a fucking trailer!!!!!! *____*


oh my god


oh my god

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